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Friday, 25 November 2011


Marine AFC from Liverpool will be promoting their support of KitAid over the Christmas and New Year period - a perfect time for clearing out no longer wanted football kit to donate to those who have very little across the World. With support from BBC Radio Merseyside, they are expecting a good response from their fans and local people in the area.

Well done and thanks for your enthusiasm!

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  1. Radio Merseyside gave us 201 items of kit this morning and our collection so far since Christmas is now 380 items, including 183 shirts, 108 shorts and 48 pairs of socks.

    Barry Lenton (Marine FC Community Officer).
    Our target, with Radio Merseyside, who are running a trailer throughout the day for the next month or so, is 1,000. Marine also has over 20 schools helping as well as the Inland Revenue, Criminal Records Bureau, One Vision Housing and Liverpool City Council (Housing Dept).