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Wednesday, 4 January 2012


Stoke City kit is recycled and brings life to Stegota FC, Kampala in Uganda.  The team was delighted with the new kit and even used a tailor to adjust some of the shirts. 

"I was telling the members of the team, that now that they are wearing the same kind of Jerseys adorned by the Premier League players they greatly admire, it should motivate them to work hard and play for Liverpool or Stoke City someday", said Edwin, the coach.


  1. This is a good example of how a small act of generosity from a big club like Stoke City can have a huge impact on a whole community! Keep it up!

    George Hughes,
    Birmingham, UK

  2. Very good to see my local team doing their bit. Love how it's a team in Uganda too. My partner was born in Uganda and works for bet365 which is another company owned by the owners of stoke city fc. Very impressed. Let's hope some of the lads have great talent and the scouts from stoke city spot them and snap them up to play for us. They look at home in the red and white stripes.
    Maybe when we next visit my partners home in kampala I should take my son to see his beloved red and white stripes play.
    Good luck to all the players of stegota fc.

    1. Yep,its really so sweet seeing these young talented guyz online n feels so amazing