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Wednesday, 9 May 2012


KitAid is delighted to have started a partnership with the Sacred Sports Foundation.

Sacred Sports Foundation was founded by Keith Alexander the ex-City manager who died in 2010. The foundation is now run by his brother Delroy Alexander and works to increase opportunity and social inclusion for Caribbean youth. On a recent trip to the UK, Delroy approached us to help source spare kit for their programmes in St Lucia.

Speaking about the SSF programmes in St Lucia Delroy pointed out that behind the glossy travel pictures there are challenges in the Caribbean similar to those in other less developed areas of the world

“Imagine waking up in paradise and watching a visitor splash on a costly bottle of sun tan lotion whilst you struggle to eke out a meagre living on less than $5 a day” said Delroy “But that is the reality for far too many of our youth”

“Several of our grass roots community programmes desperately require kit” he continued. “we utilise any kit donations effectively and really believe they can help change the lives of our youth”.

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