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Friday, 8 March 2013

Bumula - Western Kenya

We always appreciate feedback at KitAid and we recently received some that shows just how powerful football and KitAid can be.

Over the last 2 years kit has been provided to 32 schools in the county of Bumula in Western Kenya.  Schools are now able to compete against each other where as before in the past one team would go topless, this is all made possible from the kind donations KitAid receives.  We have been told the impact of football has been felt across the whole county and there has been a drop in antisocial behaviour.

Now the schools are able to compete against each other, 2 students have also been admitted into specialist sports schools with free education bursaries.  Everyone at KitAid would like to wish all schools competing against each other in Bumula all the best for the forthcoming season.

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