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Friday, 30 May 2014

KitAid Kampala Cup

If you thought the World cup was important, think again!  On June 14th 2014, on a sun soaked pitch in Kampala, two teams from two different leagues, will go into a long awaited 90 minute battle to compete for an all important KitAid donated cup.

This eagerly anticipated game will see Najjanankumbi Marine take on Stegota FC.  It is the first time the two teams have played against each other and fans from both clubs are getting ready for this glorious 90 minutes that will go down in history.

For Stegota manager Edwin Nshuti this dream fixture comes at the end of an incredible season which has seen his club narrowly miss promotion to the FUFA big league.

Silverware for Stegota will help satisfy the loyal fans who turn out to cheer on their cherished club.  But Najjanankumbi are determined that they will be going home with the cup and keeping their supporters smiling.

Whatever the result, when the final whistle blows, it is hoped this glorious game will become an annual fixture in the Kampala and KitAid calendar.

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